The NYAO has big news for the 2022 season. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the excitement.

The NYAO will be recording a new album of Traditional-Fusion Contemporary Arabic and North African Music.

  • The new album will be recorded at one of the top studios in New York, Cove City Sound, with the full orchestra and special guests. New original-traditional and fusion compositions will be recorded in full regal. 
  • Celebrity guest performers from the Arab World and North Africa will participate, plus celebrity guest appearances by some of the most renowned vocalists from around the world.
  • A video documentary will be made of the recording, explaining the sounds and meanings of each composition. 
  • Three official music videos will be recorded by the full NYAO orchestra of top compositions from the brand new album.
  • A special historic concert in Spring 2022 at Carnegie Hall with celebrity guest performances, filmed and recorded to document the occasion
  • Immersive concerts throughout 2022 in traditional classical and fusion Arabic Music performance venues throughout the U.S.
  • Master Classes in Arabic Music featuring instruction in all facets of Arabic music, including technique, maqam theory, and repertoire.
  • Highlighting historic voices and legends in Arabic Music
  • Encouraging the study and practice of Arabic Music worldwide
  • Multi-Cultural partnerships that engage with and elevate the Arab-Middle Eastern and North African Culture in each local community

No gift is too small to make an impact.

Your gift supports hundreds of musicians, artists and events in venues throughout the United States including an upcoming historic Carnegie Hall Concert in the Spring of 2022, Arab composers, vocalists, singer-songwriters and a pay-what-you-can ticketing model to bring arts to everyone! Our dream is to create a link-string that weaves a tapestry throughout the globe of how Arabic music has played a part in almost every culture in the world. Using music to promote a better understanding and come togetherness is so desperately needed now. Your donations help promote this unique New York-based 501.C.3 nonprofit and is tax deductible. This is an opportunity to increase the amount of such repertoire that’s out in the world, and to give a platform to composers both emerging and established.

We’re reigniting live Arabic classical concerts in New York City and throughout the world with our unique and specialized NYAO. For over 15 years, the NYAO has inspired youth throughout the five boroughs, in the Middle East, and around the world with an opportunity to learn valuable life skills through playing classical Arabic music.


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