Mission Statement

NY Arabic Orchestra

The mission of the New York Arabic Orchestra, Inc. is to preserve and promote Arabic culture through music, to foster understanding among world cultures, and to create a new perspective of music performance and composition in the United States.  This is achieved through performances, education and training programs in classical and contemporary Arabic music.  

Our vision is for a rich and diverse performance and public discussion of this musical heritage, together with comprehensive educational programs for local public schools and colleges, the local community including youth classes and ensembles, audio recordings, a physical home-base, enrichment programs for the wider artistic community  and providing educators access to the tools to carry on the teachings of an art where presently few teachers exist whether in person or remotely throughout the New York and greater Tri-State areas as well as at the national and international levels.  We envision a professional organization that is dynamic, accessible, interactive and evolving with an ever diverse social and artistic world.