Mission Statement

New York Arab Orchestra (NYAO) aims to perform and preserve the orchestral sounds of Arabic and North African Music through recordings, live Performances in some of the most prestigious venues throughout the United States, and Canada, with aspirations for worldwide concerts. In the past, each concert’s repertoire had been curated by NYAO Founder Internationally renowned Composer, Musician, Conductor and Educator Bassam Saba, who passed in December of 2020 from Covid-19.  Now in his memory, and carrying the torch and legacy Saba left, is the newly appointed Artistic Director the highly acclaimed Layth Sidiq (Iraqi-Jordanian) composer, violinist, and recording artist. Sidiq will lead both the chamber ensemble, and orchestra viewed as the leading US institution for contemporary and classical Arabic music. He says that he plans to pick up where his predecessor left off and continue to grow NYAO’s presence and the understanding of Arabic Music throughout the world. He is now joined by the renowned award-winning songwriter, pianist, music and event producer, also one of the foremost experts in recording, producing both in studio and live Arabic, Middle Eastern and North African Music production, Dawn Elder.

‘Arab music is a broad concept that encompasses music history, treatises, genres, and instruments, as well as musically-related philosophies, attitudes, and social contexts within the Arab world. – Arab music covers a vast geographical area ranging from the Atlas Mountains and parts of the Sahara in Africa- to the Arabian Gulf region and the banks of the Euphrates. It displays strong aspects of unity and diversity, and attracts the interest of both the scholar and the performing artist. Unity stems from the sharing of old musical legacies and from the presence of common elements in the various Arab musical traditions. Whether from Morocco, Egypt, or Iraq, Arabs are able to identify today with a multi-faceted musical heritage that originated in antiquity, but that gained sophistication and momentum during the height of the Islamic Empire between the eighth and the thirteenth centuries.’ (A.J Racy)

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